September 29, 2015

Three years already!?

I did not notice three years have passed already and I was not able to update my blogs! Such a shame! Lol.
Well, for the past three years, I was able to travel in and out of the country already so maybe I'll do a backlog post for it? I'll try my best to recall every detail but maybe i'll start with the recent one. Sounds good? Okay!

In the meantime, I will just jot down where I've been just to recall what happened to me:
  • Cebu - yeah third time already and looking forward to explore it again
  • Taal Volcano - nakakahiya man but this is my first time to go here even it is just near where I lived
  • Baguio - 2nd time baby and I loved it 
  • South Korea - Annyeong haseyo! I miss Kimchi
  • Vietnam - One of the most unforgettable trips I've ever had
  • Cambodia - more temples, more fun!
  • Sagada - if you are looking for some adventure, go here!
  • Singapore - First out of the country
So yeah, that's it. Hopefully I could do this in the coming months before I travel again. :p

Au Revoir!