October 29, 2012

Singapura 2013


Yeah, you read it right. I will be in Singapore on November 2013! Thanks to Cebu Pacific's All Sales Day, we were able to scoarched RT ticket MNL-SG :)

Actually, wala sa plano ang SG trip until Khumille asked if I have enough funds for booking and unfortunately, I don't have. Then later on, she asked me if I want to join. Shempre, um-okay kaagad ako ng walang kurap at patumangga!

My travel buddy for this trip: Jing and Khumille. They are bestfriends and we work in a same company. Cool, eh? Excited lang kami ni Khums cos this will be our first Asian country to visit. Ako na mababaw pero keber ko! Magkakasingaporean dollars at magkakastamp na rin ang passport ko sa wakas! Hahaha!

Honestly, I only know Singapore about the Sentosa and Merlion and Universal Studio, that's it. I have one year to search on where to stay, eat and chillax, a plenty of time to google which is my favorite part of the pre-tour ritual of mine. I will make this trip memorable. Not because of  magkakaeksena ako or whatever dahil given na yun, but to try something different. Malay mo makita ko Bigbang at SHINEe dito. Lol. *fangirlmode*

We will also visit Malaysia, if time permits, pero sana. Sanay naman ako sa mabilisang kilos kaya okay lang.

Anyway, looking forward to see these places and eat chicken rice when we go there. Yay!!! :)

Universal Studio

Marina Bay Sands Park
Authentic Singaporean Chicken Rice



Khumille Lopez said...

Woooow! May feature presentation pa ang bffship namin ni Jing! Aylavet! Yes yes yes 3 times namention ang name ko hahaha! Singapore la!

Camille Bigcas said...

Oo naman te! Kailangan muna ipakilala. :) Kaexcite kahit next year pa hehe

christian tenedero said...

wow... Singapore...lol