October 13, 2012

Day 2: Underground River

Second day was reserved for Underground River tour. We woke up early because we were picked up around 7:30 in the morning. We were informed that we will travel for 2.5 to 3 hours going to Sabang.

FYI, you need to bring off-lotion, not because of malaria but there are lot of mosquitoes. Prevention is better than cure, okay? Also, just bring your camera. Don't bring unnecessary things especially plastic bags. Monkeys might get your things. Seriously. We were briefed while on our way to Sabang

Applying Off Lotion while in the stop over location
Again, we picked up 3 set of groups for this tour.

Before going to the main tour, we had a detour to Ugong Rock Adventure. This is managed by ABS-CBN and the community to preserve the rock formation and nature of course.. Since this activity is not included on the tour package, you will pay 200 for the caving and spelunking and another 250 for the zip line. The zipline is optional. The cave tour will take 20 minutes and going back is another 20 minutes. The catch is, if you go for the zip line, it will just take few seconds to go down. Silly right? Due to our mood of that day, we did not go to this activity. We just wanted the Underground River experience and the lunch buffet of course. Hehe. But 5 in our group pursued this activity so we ended up waiting them.

Me and Yella

40 minutes later, we were off to Brgy. Sabang. Yay! Before the main activity, we had buffet for lunch. You can try the tamilok. After few minutes of rest and everything, we were really off to UNDERGROUND RIVER! This is it pansit!

Waiting our boat

And finally we're here na! Yay! It took 15 minutes from the port going to Underground River. It is situated in an island. We were not able to take pictures upon arriving. Nagmamadali na kami because of our schedule. We were scheduled by 12:30 and we were such in a hurry.

Ayos! Nakapagpicture ng solo without photobombers except kay Manong Bangkero! hehe

Geared up!

Here we go!

Our tour guide, Kuya Coco, was really entertaining and funny. He was from Pampanga but moved to Palawan kasi daw maganda don! Oha, promoting the place! At first, he hesitated to talk in Filipino because our kasama in the boat are Chinese and Vietnamese and also Yella and Gibo have chinky eyes. When he heard  the other group and my friends spoke in Filipino, he was relieved. Hehe. Then the tour began. Bangkeros are well trained to educate tourists. Mas marami pa alam sakin ni Kuya Coco about rock information and everything. Oh Science, you make my nose bleed. By the way, we were the last group that Kuya Coco accompanied. His job is so tiring. Imagine, talking all day while puddling the boat. Gosh!

You will see a lot of rock information inside and I will not discuss it one by one. Also remember, pag naamaze ka at nakatingin ka sa taas, do not open your mouth. Baka holy shit ang matikman mo imbes mineral water. Hihi. 

Here are few pictures taken inside. (My DSLR were not able to capture everything due to too much darkness. Excuses!)


Exploring the cave will take 45 minutes to 1 hour. You will be amazed on how rock forms creatively. You need your imagination in this tour. You will know why when you get there. 

with Kuya Coco
 Few shots while waiting our boat...

Jumpshot daw muna sabe ng mga boys.
Pati tsinelas at si Ateng, photobomber. Hehe

It was raining when we reached the port area. Thank God Kuya Rocky was already there when we arrived. We also stopped in Sheridan Hotel and Elephant Cave on our way home.

Ito bubungad sayo pagpasok! Ganda!

Bar in the middle of the pool

Elephant Cave
We dropped the 2 girls at the bus terminal going to Coron. Di na sila umabot ng oras sa van terminal so we just dropped them there. 500 daw ang fare going to Coron via AC Bus and the travel hour is 6-7 hours.

Dinner came, we went to Mendoza Park. Sakto, there is a food fair going on so we decided to eat there and chill! 

Adobong Pusit, Kinilaw, Shrimps, Barbeque, Tempura, Lumpiang Toge, Tacos,
And Papaitan. Food trip it is :)

Next, Honda Bay!

Au Revoir! :)

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