September 26, 2012

Spotted: Unlimited Pasta and Pizza at TOSH

I, Ate Iris (sister) and Gilbert (friend) were in Festival Mall yesterday to do last shopping before Palawan trip tomorrow and also to buy a digital camera for myself. We were looking for the Fly stall when my sister spotted this banner outside The Old Spaghetti House.
Inside the Festival Mall
For 149, you can have unlimited pasta and just add 50 you can get unlimited pizza as well. Perfect combo right? Because my sister was so hungry, she insisted to try and we agreed. There were lot of people waiting outside because the place was so full so we asked the lady to reserve us seats. It only just took more or less 10 minutes before we able to get inside.After getting orders and stamped on the hand, we were given our first pasta: Pesto. At first, it tasted so good but when I had my second, it tasted bland. Maybe because I needed to try other pasta. Next, Alfredo and Pomodoro were served. Like the Pesto, it tasted good at first but when you had the second plate, nakakaumay. But if you are a fan of pasta, you will like it.
Proof that you want unli pasta and pizza
For pizza, we had Hawaiian and 5-cheese. I liked it because its thin crust and tasty. I had only three pizzas because waiters were not properly serving the pizzas inside the restaurant. You need to have their attention to you before you could get one. I hope they have more waiters especially when they have this kind of promo.
Ratings: This is my first time to dine in TOSH so i'll give 7 out of 10. Not bad. :)
This month, TOSH - Festival Mall is in charge of this promo. They only serve the unlimited pasta and pizza from 5PM to 9PM and started last September 13 to 16 and 20 to 23. They serve 4 kind of pasta: Alfredo, Pesto, Pomodoro and Vietnamese Spaghetti. For pizza, they serve: Hawaian, 5-Cheese and Pepperoni.
If you are around Alabang and fan of pasta and pizzas, go to TOSH-Festival Mall on the said dates! Like them on Facebook.
Au revoir!

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