September 26, 2012

Going back.

I was in the middle of checking my FB profile when I saw my blogger account and tried logging in and voila! i am ready to blog again.

Well, just last week I have created my wordpress account and started blogging. Now, i'm confused If I should continue using this account or the other one. I have checked that I have 16 posts already from 2008 to 2009 at nakakahinayang naman kung di ko gamitin to.

Also, blogger is easy to tweak and customize unlike in WordPress. Ang hirap magdecide! lol. I will just repost my 2 entries here.

Happy reading!

Au revoir! :)

1 comment:

terribleangel said...

camel, you can repost n lng yung mga old blogs mo here... i so agree that blogspot is easier to use. i no longer use my wordpress khait andun winning post ko.. :)