May 16, 2009

Angels And Demons

Its been 2 years since I read this novel of Dan Brown. It is the sequel of Da Vinci Code that is being shown 2 years ago. The movie that I did not understand and took a nap because I was sick that time. Fortunately (for me), I did not get the chance to read the book because most of the fans of this novel got disappointed upon watching it. Same with the Twilight movie. Good thing, I was not in the mood to read that.

Going back, My bestfriend and I had this agreement that we were going to watch it with my other HS Buddies. So we were really looking forward to see this movie. The scenes were almost the same with book. Especially the scenes where in bishops killed brutally. I'm not a fan of those thriller movies that make me insane, though. Its just that the scenes were perfectly interpreted and the way I imagined it when reading the book was actually the same. The part where in I almost fainted was the FIRE thingie where in the bishop's arms was tied and he is being roasted alive. It took me a while to became sane again. LOL. Plus, the musical score was great. It gave me additional excitement while watching it.

Yella, my bestfriend, kept on commenting and telling what will happen next and I was like, "Tol, wag ka maingay. Panira ka!" LOL. She is so tackless like me. That's why we became bestfriends. Mind you. Lol. :)

So for this movie, TWO-THUMBS! You must watch it. :)