January 3, 2009

A Year that was

This would be my first blog this year 2009 and i hope it would be a great one blog. Thinking what should I put into, things that made my year 2008 became productive, full of intrigues and more fun moments with my precious friends. Yes, my precious friends. Though we call ourselves Worst Friends, we still maintain our healthy friendship that we built. Not to mention my friends during my HS Life. and friends during college days.

First Offs, I would Like to thanks my WORST FRIENDS. I don't need to mention them all because Im too tired to type it one by one. Hehe. You know who you are guys. Going back, a very Big Thank You for all the gaga moments we spent together. From staying at Lourdes dorm, which I really miss and the place where we started our kalokohans and kadramahans the whole year. The time we managed to sleep even though the place is small. The time when I and April had a fight and after few days we eventually fixed it. The time we were still awake because we had drinking spree. The time when most of our blockmates went there to spent birthdays and wala-lang-inuman-lang moments. The time when we met other people. The time when Mae and Cheng almost stpped out at the dorm because of our noisiness but still we could not help but to make noise. The time when Mae and Ace had a huge fights that we got used to it. So many memories. I'll be missing that. BIG THANKS TO YOU GUYS!

Second on my List, my HS Friends. Though we do not have the time to see each other unlike before, you guys definetely here in my heart. The roadtrip we had. The movie marathon that I really miss. The funny stories that I've heard from you. The juicy chismis that Rj said to me and made me laugh (talking about John Lloyd's Hair). The long walk at Recto with Yella and Gibbo. Tambay moments at Seaside, MOA. A great helping knees from Rj so that I could seat on the high walls at Seaside. The Laughs. The Foods. The everything. Its worth keeping. I love you guys. REALLY.

2008 has been a good year. I cried, laughed, hurt, drunk, became sober, became crazy. A year that has full of surprise and excitement.

A Year That Was....


yella_=) said...

A great helping knees from Rj so that I could seat on the high walls at Seaside.<--ahaha. uyyyy! onga cute niyo tlaga tingnan nun. para kang bata tol. LOL.=)

xtian said...

hays.... ang bilis nga nman ng panahon teh