November 28, 2008

The movie I've been waiting for

I have not watched this movie but I want to. I heard this movie when I was listening on Good Times with Mo. It became a talk-of-the-town so I googled up Twilight.

Twilight is a story about a mortal and a vampire. Edward Cullen is a vampire but still he controls himself even his family to suck blood from human instead they get animal's blood. Bella Swan, his love interest in the story, is a typical school girl who transfers from other place. Edward tends to avoid Bella because he is being seduced by the blood of Bella. So he changed his schedules for him not to see or meet her. But destiny keeps them to be together.

That's all I know about the movie. So I need to find out more. So I need to watch this.

Its a must! :)

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