September 29, 2015

Three years already!?

I did not notice three years have passed already and I was not able to update my blogs! Such a shame! Lol.
Well, for the past three years, I was able to travel in and out of the country already so maybe I'll do a backlog post for it? I'll try my best to recall every detail but maybe i'll start with the recent one. Sounds good? Okay!

In the meantime, I will just jot down where I've been just to recall what happened to me:
  • Cebu - yeah third time already and looking forward to explore it again
  • Taal Volcano - nakakahiya man but this is my first time to go here even it is just near where I lived
  • Baguio - 2nd time baby and I loved it 
  • South Korea - Annyeong haseyo! I miss Kimchi
  • Vietnam - One of the most unforgettable trips I've ever had
  • Cambodia - more temples, more fun!
  • Sagada - if you are looking for some adventure, go here!
  • Singapore - First out of the country
So yeah, that's it. Hopefully I could do this in the coming months before I travel again. :p

Au Revoir! 

November 10, 2012

Puerto Princesa Budget

I travel with enough money to eat, commute and buy pasalubong. I don't sleep in a sosy hotel. I travel with a backpack, easy to carry pag may hinahabol na flights. In short, I'm a backpacker and budget traveller.

Before I travel, I see to it na meron akong na-prepare na estimated budget for the trip. I google where to stay and eat, affordably and comfortably. Yung pasok sa budget ko. Sabe nga nila, the more the merrier but when it comes to travelling, the more travel buddies you have, the budget is smaller. But what if you have only three friends who are game, what will you do? So much better if you list what's in or out of the budget.

I want to share with you my expenses I've had in Puerto Princesa.

I roughly spent 8k for this trip. Not bad at all. I was able to go to explore PPS for 4 days already, with that amount of money.

I am more of DIY trip than availing tour packages. Feeling ko kase mas makakatipid ako and mas gusto ko yung nagbabasa sa forums(GirlTalk where I learnt abt La Tiara). But in this trip, I availed La Tiara's tour package but i was the one who looked for our accomodation. And its a must to have a travel agency in PPS kasi like in Underground river, need pa kasi ng mga permits and everything. Hassle naman kung kami pa yung magasikaso nun.

I recommend La Tiara Tours. Very accomodating and mabait. Lahat na ata ng tanong, natanong ko na sakanya. And yung mga tourguides and driver nila, sobrang bait! So better get their service if you go to PPS. :)

La Tiara Tours - 0917 809 4509 or 0917 841 4510

SkyBox Sports Bar and Grille

This is where we had dinner during our third day in Puerto Princesa.

Skybox is located in Mercado de San Miguel. Just near Tiangge Tiangge and Island Souvenirs. If you're not in the mood to eat seafood, gora ka na dito. They serve American food, from fries to burgers, pastas, burritos, steaks, etc. It has a bar outside if you want to chill. This is a perfect place to hang out and drink beer!

Bar inside
2nd floor.

Since we got back from Honda Bay, we wanted to eat heavy meal to replenish our energy.


And their bestseller, BURGERS!


Classic Cheeseburger
B and E burger
Bacon and mushroom melt

I personally love burgers that's why tinikman ko lahat. I ordered Ranchero and honestly, mas masarap to! The combination of sweet and spicy bbq sauce, sarap! But of course, masarap lahat! You can choose from Junior, Classic, Double and Monster size. All except the classic burger are junior sizes but its big enough already. What a hefty servings!
So you better try and eat in Skybox. Affordable and big servings = Perfect Combi. :)
 Au revoir! :)

October 30, 2012

Kalui Restaurant

Kalui Restaurant is one of the most visited restaurants in Puerto Princesa. The group decided to dine after our tiring city tour.

FYI, you need to make reservation ahead of time. You can ask your hotel or pension house to make one for you. Also, they accept credit cards. Its a must for me. :)

Upon entering the restaurant, you will see the lawn with antique statues and chairs. Perfect waiting area and for taking picturettes. The restaurant is made out of woods, i think its narra. Its like a big nipa hut, beautiful nipa hut. By the way, you need to remove your shoes when you dine here. As in barefoot talaga. Kung sanay kang nakapaa sa bahay niyo, di na bago sayo to. Hehe. The interior is so native and classy. I like the ambience and the low light. This place is perfect for dinner and lunch.

Sinong pagod? :))

Okay, since pagod kami and we were really hungry, we ordered right away. We chose Kalui Special of the Day menu and just added side orders: Shrimps Halabos or in Garlic Butter and Sizzling Seafood Sisig. Everything is so tasty and delicious except for the soup because we didn't like it. Lakas maka-salabat and the appetizer, lato or seaweed, not a fan.

You think it's not good for 5? No. We even ordered extra rice. We were joking that one rice costs 30 per cup but its not, 10 pesos naman. So after eating, Yella and I decided to roam around. This place is like a mini museum. Lots of paintings and antique displays. You can also buy native bags and souvenirs here.

Few of the paintings

Restroom. Naloka ka no? Ganda!

Ratings: Food - 9 Place - 9. At least pumasa sa level ng taste ko! I'm a fan of seafood and lowlight place. Feel ko yung restaurant dahil sa ambience. You must go here.

Group picture muna before leaving

Au revoir! :)

October 29, 2012

Singapura 2013


Yeah, you read it right. I will be in Singapore on November 2013! Thanks to Cebu Pacific's All Sales Day, we were able to scoarched RT ticket MNL-SG :)

Actually, wala sa plano ang SG trip until Khumille asked if I have enough funds for booking and unfortunately, I don't have. Then later on, she asked me if I want to join. Shempre, um-okay kaagad ako ng walang kurap at patumangga!

My travel buddy for this trip: Jing and Khumille. They are bestfriends and we work in a same company. Cool, eh? Excited lang kami ni Khums cos this will be our first Asian country to visit. Ako na mababaw pero keber ko! Magkakasingaporean dollars at magkakastamp na rin ang passport ko sa wakas! Hahaha!

Honestly, I only know Singapore about the Sentosa and Merlion and Universal Studio, that's it. I have one year to search on where to stay, eat and chillax, a plenty of time to google which is my favorite part of the pre-tour ritual of mine. I will make this trip memorable. Not because of  magkakaeksena ako or whatever dahil given na yun, but to try something different. Malay mo makita ko Bigbang at SHINEe dito. Lol. *fangirlmode*

We will also visit Malaysia, if time permits, pero sana. Sanay naman ako sa mabilisang kilos kaya okay lang.

Anyway, looking forward to see these places and eat chicken rice when we go there. Yay!!! :)

Universal Studio

Marina Bay Sands Park
Authentic Singaporean Chicken Rice


October 13, 2012

Day 3: Honda Bay

Third day is beach day! Yes at last! Makakapag-beach na kami. Di pwedeng walang beach sa list namin! We woke up early, had breakfast and our sundo arrived. By this time, solo namin ang van. Yay! Perfect talaga!

Same tour guide but different driver this time. We stopped muna to rent snorkel gear and shoes, 150 and 200, respectively and to pick up our packed lunch. You can also buy waterproof case for your digicam if you do not have underwater camera but since RJ bought his, we did not need to buy. 

FYI din, make sure to rent dun sa preferred snorkeling rental place ng tour guide niyo because the gear you will rent is definitely clean and sanitized. Unlike at the port, the price is 100 but you are not sure if it is really sanitized. Iba ng sigurado! :)

Going back, travel time to Honday Bay port from the city is like 20 mins. From the port, we waited our boatman (captain as Ate Tourguide named him) and after 10 mins, we were off to Pandan Island -- first island.

Since it was low tide, Ate preferred to go first in Pandan Island. Since may kasabay kaming students from La Salle, we went first and also sasayad daw ang boat namin sa Pambato Reef. Ate and Kuya's assistant cooked our lunch and we went snorkelling! Well, honestly, nahirapan akong magsnorkelling in this island coz 1). Ang lakas ng alon 2). Ang daming tao. May sumisipa sayo somewhere and 3). Nagaadjust pa ang breathing rhythm ko sa snorkelling gear ko. Ang hirap kaya huminga!

We also took pictures using starfish, buko and shells. I won't be able to post the pictures cos we used RJ's cam so maybe later when I gathered it all up. We were so amazed with Kuya (Sorry i forgot the name) kasi sumisisid siya just to take pictures of coral reefs. Even RJ and Rey tried to sisid. Okay sila na marunong magswim! haha. After an hour, Yella and I went back to our cottage. We were so hungry so we eat first. Our lunch was: shrimps, inihaw na liempo and isda, kamatis, itlog na maalat, mangga and others. Ang saya lang kase wala kaming kaagaw sa food. #gluttony at #hungergames lang ang peg namin. Then 3 boys joined to eat lunch na rin.

Before going to Pambato Reef, we explored the island then took pictures.

Second stop: Pambato Reef. This time, i enjoyed snorkelling! As in! Dahil konti lang ang tao na nakasabay namin at hindi maalon, we were able to go explore the reefs and I was so in awe when I saw big clams. Haha. Para kong bata, perstaym ko kase makita eh. Of course, more coral reefs more fun ang makakita nun. After an hour or so, gora naman kami sa Luli Island.

Pambato Reef

Last Stop: Luli Island, Why Luli? Because its "lulubog-lilitaw" ang ganap ng island na to. Kuya leashed his camera trick skills. Using walis tambo, we took  jumpshots on it. Basta more jump shots, more fun dito. Matutuwa ka! Again, snorkelling galore pa rin ang ganap dito.

Luli Island

Witch na naka superman position? Lol

Our Walis Jumpshot

Here are some pictures that RJ and Ray enjoyed the diving board. At di ko inexpect na itatry ko cos I have fear of heights. Well, actually, the fact na malalim yung tatalunan ko, dun ako naafraid! Maybe it took me 10 mins before I could actually jump and dive. I did a lot of cursing and even called my Mom. Haha! Wapakels sa ibang tao! I did it twice. I feel glad to myself because I was able to conquer my fear! Yay! Sa uulitin! Char!

RJ 's

Ray first attempt

Umulit pa aber!

Comedy to! Promise! Haha!
RJ was there just incase malunod ako But I didn't.

Time have passed, we went back to our hotel. That's our end of our tour. 3 days tour. Tiring but satisfied with the happenings and moments you spent with friends! Another memories that I will treasure and keep. :)
Ate and Kuya's Assistant

With Kuya
We dined at SkyRocket and we enjoyed our last night in Puerto Princesa. Since we love to sing, we went to a videoke bar and sing our heart  out loud! Kahit nananakit na ang mga katawan, go pa rin. 

Next day, our shopping and pahinga day. 

Au revoir! :)